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Former US senator likens online poker to terrorism

Former US senator likens online poker to terrorism It is this clear pattern of targeting the helpless that stands out to me.” First, the mere fact that someone could compare online gambling to terrorism is mind-boggling. But that’s a topic for a different day. It’s more important to just deal with the facts. The “clear pattern of targeting” was almost last on the list. Online gambling ranked 31st out of 33 activities listed by the number of victims in 2017. There were reportedly 203 victims of crimes related to Internet gambling last year but the amount associated with charities was over twice that amount. Malware and ransomware victims? 24 times the amount of victims seen with online gambling. Taking it a step further, identity theft was 90 times more damaging than was Internet gambling. Lincoln is a Democrat who used to represent Arkansas on Capitol Hill. She is now working with a group that is trying to prevent, or at the very least delay, casino industry innovation and to keep gambling off the Internet.

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